Printed T-Shirt Collection – An Introduction


In response to some inquires about my header image on both this site and Twitter, I decided to create some posts about my t-shirt collection. Now it was only just recently that I realized to what extent I even had a t-shirt collection. As I have been unpacking from our recent move, I just discovered and combined two different piles of t-shirts….to make one Mega Pile!! The origin to this wife-agitating mess are t-shirts that I could not simply donate and most would not be worth much to sell. Now, having researched a bit since my discovery, some of these are now considered “Collectible” and might one day find themselves Ebay’d up.

As I took a trip through memory lane with this collection, I thought it would be fun to share. The posts will consolidate some of the like groupings such as: Music, Threadless and even Kickball….yes, Kickball. Stay tuned and feel free to share your own collection or just a favorite t-shirt that you simply could not get rid of.

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