Printed T-Shirt Collection – Where it all began…

1Where it all began?….Well, that would have to be with my Father. The first t-shirt featured here is technically part of my collection now, but started with Poppa Mims and features an image of my mother. Now the exact year is still being researched by a renowned team of carbon-dating scientists, but I would guess it was created sometime in the Mid-70’s. The actual process featured here is also of note, as this is an early Dye Sublimated t-shirt. Many newbies in the Decorated Apparel Industry might think of Dye Sublimation as some new-fangled process, but alas, it has been around for quite some time, and this little shirt is proof. Now the word “little” is quite appropriate for this, since the listed size Medium might be more of an XS by today’s standards. It is a true gem from the early days of customizing images on t-shirts and will forever by my favorite t-shirt.

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