Printed T-Shirt Collection – USA Made DaZe

12It was the end of the 90’s and we were all staring at inevitable doom pending for 2000. I had a close buddy of mine who had started working part time with a screen printer. That print shop was beginning a retail website called Fat American, featuring some humorous, and at times, political t-shirts. I got this one from him since I like the simplicity of the artwork, the old school memory recall of Pencil Fighting in grade school, and the SUPER SOFT hand. I am not 100% sure, but I believe this was done on a 50/50 from Delta. Granted this was USA Made time and the quality was top notch. Things were a little hazy for me back then, but I was clear eyed enough to recognize a good shirt when I had one, so I kept this as a reminder of an era gone by. My sense is that this was the type of shirt that the fine folks at Alternative had in mind when they carefully crafted that beauty that is their AA5050. Surrrrre is soft.

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