100% Cotton Heathers

Soft, heathered, blended styles are all the rage right now with t-shirts. They look good, they have that non-solid vibe, and when done correctly, can feel amazing. At the top of this popular pile lies the King/Queen of them all…the Tri-Blend. Pioneered by brands such as Alternative for our industry, this concept can seemingly do no wrong. There is just one problem….blends can be a pain to Print on. In addition, often the inclusion of cotton and poly mixed can lead to pilling issues. Some people even swear that the synthetic yarns make the shirt HOT. So, what now? How can we overcome such objections?

FALSE: All heathered shirts in our industry are some sort of a blend!

FACT: Not exactly…


The DT104, from SanMar’s District Made series, has a few tricks up its sleeves. As far as I know it offers the only two heathered color options that are indeed 100% Cotton: Heathered Steel and Heathered Latte. This seems to completely rewrite the rulebook as I understand it. In order the better understand how this works, I reached out to a key member of the District Made design team for answers: They shared how this form of heathering is done via two different dyes of cotton yarns vs the more cost effective blending of a cotton and poly yarn.

So if this is the look you are going for, but hate some of the drawbacks that can often come with polyester, perhaps these are what you need: 100% Cotton Heathers

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