Printed T-Shirt Collection –American Slub Pickers

4I am a TV addict. There I said it…Feels good. For a guy with a lot of favorite shows, there is one that has stood the test of time: American Pickers. I have been down since day one and have grown along with the show. Something about the nature of being a fellow(now former) Road Warrior drew a natural kinship with Mike and Frank. That, and well….I am also a Collector. Yes, I am a Collector. There I said it…Still feels good. In this strange universe-within-a-universe situation, this is a t-shirt, as part of my collection, about a show featuring guys collecting stuff. Okay…so they might sell a bit than they keep, but you get the idea. My former Regional Manager, Les Pewitt, tipped me to this shirt. It was especially significant because it was printed on our very own DT140 Slub Cotton. The super soft print goes perfect with the super soft fabric and overall weather worn nature of the show. A perfect pairing, a perfect pick!

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