Printed T-Shirt Collection –The Original Wicking

7Okay okay, so this is not a Printed T-shirt. Regardless, it still has a story to tell…

During my time as a TM for SanMar, I had to travel all over North Florida and South Georgia. This naturally led me down a few dirt paths and into conversations with some truly charming people. One of those folks ran an old sporting goods facility in Waycross, GA. In this-here facil-lit-ty was a collection of headwear and apparel that had my eyes buggin and my mind spinning. I have never seen so many New Era caps in my life. Given that the flat-pressed bills and plastic snap-backs are on trend right now, I knew I was staring at a potential gold mine. Granted I had no spare time to try to farm this gold for these people, I did have time to poke around a bit. During my dusty journey, I came across a pair of some OLD SCHOOL Russell jerseys.  Now, I am no molecular yarn expert, but I am pretty sure that the Polyester used to makeup these shirts was Pre-moisture wicking. I am guessing that back then…in order to stay cool, you basically just needed a lot of tiny holes. Granted, the collars and details are telling of its age, it is kind of funny to see how we have not evolved too far from this overall design.


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