Printed T-Shirt Collection – MMT

9If I do not tell them, even my closest friends might struggle to believe that my sport of choice is Mixed Martial Arts. I mean sure I can get into some NCAA Football during season, but I am a 38 year old that came up at the perfect time to fall in love with this sport. As a youth, I was shoulder deep in Pro Wrestling, following the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Macho Man and the like. Parallel to that was a fascination with all things martial arts. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and later Jean Claude, all had my undivided attention. Then the movie Bloodsport came out and helped to define the concept: Fighters of different styles battling it out in an arena to see who is the best. During high school, the coolest thing my buddies and I could do was get our hands onto one of the two Taboo VHS concepts: Faces of Death or UFC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship was in its infancy and playing out the dreams of Bruce Lee and the Gracie family   Flash forward  20-some odd years and I am buying my first legit MMA t-shirt at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas. While a fan of the fighter, I namely liked the total package of the Colors, Multi-Brand location layout, Artwork….and well, I am a huge Zombie fan too. Complete package for my Mixed Martial Tee.

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