Printed T-Shirt Collection – Re-Branded

18-6The 00’s were an interesting time. The decade does not feel as defined as the 80’s and seems to be more of a melting pot of various styles. One such thing that did rise up during this era was the use of Trademark brands recreated in humorous ways. I was never an active part of the skateboard culture, but always admired it creative playfulness when it came to art/shirt creation. I cannot even recall where/how I got this t-shirt, but it was worn a LOT. Evidence of this frequency is visible along the shoulders. The discoloration noted on this shirt is due to an acne medicine I was using at the time, which contained a form of peroxide. As a Territory Manager, I experienced a number of product discoloration issues such as this, often traced back to similar substances that effectively “bleached” out the shirt.

Noteworthy here is the size, XL. I was much smaller back then, but the scene I was part of encouraged ridiculously baggy pants, and certainly, oversized t-shirts. As far as the message went…Krafty seemed to fit my personality at the time.


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