Printed T-Shirt Collection – Online Communities

15Thanks to my cousin, I have always had a customized and home built PC computer. One of the advantages to that was high powered components and the ability to play the latest and greatest video games.(please note this occurred well before the modern Playstation/Xbox world we now live in) In my heyday I was connected online and helping command a “clan” of 20+ fellow geeks to battle it out on games such as Unreal, Desert Combat and Counter Strike. We would arrange to meet other clans and commence to war for endless hours on into the night.

The shirt featured here came about during the end of my online gaming but certainly speaks to that time with its imagery. This particular piece was developed for an online picture sharing site that I became a part of. This site was yet another community of fellow geeks who would find online imagery or create unique content and want to share across the internet. Consider this the seed-farm to what would eventually become internet memes. We clearly borrowed and modified a famous Banksy art piece and made it our own with the [+] symbol representing the icon used to indicate when you ‘liked’ a picture someone posted. At the time my go-to t-shirt was Fruit’s 50/50 due to its hand and durability. The shirt and art have stood the test of time, much like online gaming and pic-swapping in modern era.

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