Printed T-Shirt Collection – Music and T-Shirts are friends

50My earliest recollection of owning music was an LP of Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. I can also vaguely recall tape classics like Kool Moe Dee, Humpty Dance and even Kid Rock…before he went mainstream. For most of my life music has been a major component to my world. I mean my last name is MIMS after all.(please reference M.I.M.S. as Music Is My Savior hip hop artist)

It should come as no surprise that my love of Music would eventually collide with my love of Apparel. Now, I have owned a few Concert Tees and other music artist related clothing, but these four are some of the ones that have survived. Whether it is paying un-godly amounts of money on the front-end or seeing some of the appreciation value, I decided to keep these around. Concert t-shirts especially from the past are now selling upwards of thousands of dollars. Below are shots representing Z-Trip(renowned pioneer of mash-ups), Aesop Rock(heady NY rapper/poet) Raconteurs(Jack White side project) and Hollertronix(A Diplo collaboration). I love the acts, art and the shirts themselves.

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