Bella + Canvas + SanMar

bella bannerOne of the reasons that SanMar has my undying loyalty is that I have found this company to be the best at listening and adapting to what our customer base is asking for. A great example of that is with the addition of Bella+Canvas to our offering. Over the last several years, this was the #1 most requested brand customers wanted us to add. This information came mainly from our annual survey. If you have ever seen that email in your inbox, but thought it might be a waste of your time, this is a largely utilized part of our feedback gathering.


So, now we have another top-tier fashion brand in our catalog…what’s the big deal? Well, Bella+Canvas does have a pretty stellar selection of fashion items and their pinnacle comes in the form of the 3001. This is their top seller and makes for an amazing core 4.2-ounce, 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton t-shirt. They took a much different approach to their product development in that they base a lot of their style numbers off of a “cut” vs a fabric. This is an important note because the 3001 comes in 95+ colors, but part of that massive number is various blends of fabric. I personally love that I can wear a quality fashion t-shirt in more than just black/grey/navy and have been greatly enjoying colors like Sunset and Mint.


How about the ladies??? Don’t forget that well before Canvas was born, Bella was the Queen and the Princess of fashion options in our trade channel. As I would make site visits in shops, one of their styles that was often thrown back at me as a core favorite was the 8800 Flowy Tank. The fabric is a remarkable lightweight 3.7-ounce, 65/35 poly/viscose, but as with the 3001 they offer a few other colorway blends that vary slightly.

Beyond the product, B+C seems to also have a company culture that is much aligned with our interest in Fair Labor, Environmentally conscious and overall putting more good back into the world. I am also excited that we did include as part of our initial offering their USA Made option. This market seems to finally be making a comeback and it will be a great help to have a fashion option to compliment our USA100 from Port & Co.

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY BELLA+CANVAS! Please bring a side dish to the family BBQ.


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