2019 ABC Launch

2019 ABC.JPGJust after the January trade show season we have a brief minute to pause and catch our breath. That moment does not last long however as, before you know it, a blink and a heartbeat occurs and suddenly a whole new year is staring you in the face via a brand new SanMar catalog. That’s right, it is already mid-Aug and that means the new “Big Book” or Apparel Bags and Caps catalog is widely circulating.

In the fifteen or so years I have either bought-from or worked-for SanMar, they have never egregiously hurt me with their new launches. By that, I mean they have a new launch and inventory comes in rather quickly, so the conversion of switching from last year’s catalog to the new one is safe and smart. I have certainly witnessed the new arrivals come in much faster than in past years, to the point where by mid-July even, they could already have 60-70% on-hand inventory. The long and short of it is, you want to be the successful seller that is showing your end users the new hot-ticket items well before your competition is making those introductions.

So, whats the big deal with the 2019 ABC launch? Well, I feel there are a few things to talk about. Rather than a typical Top 5 styles report, I thought I would touch base on the top stories & styles, as there are some collections that are represented by a variety of pieces.

District Merge

No this is not some new political gerrymandering ploy here. More like a re-org of a marketing campaign that kicked off years ago and is now being re-aligned. What the heck kind of corporate speak is that!? In a nutshell, SanMar is merging it’s District and District Made lines back into one….called simply District. This should make for a more cohesive line for everyone to be able to sell. My favorite part of the approach to fashion that is happening here is the size range. No other fashion line offers Male and Female styles, in every color, every style, from XS-4XL. Gone are the days of having to tell those few folks that cannot squeeze into a ladies fashion t-shirt size 2XL(10-12) that they will need to wear a basic. Whether it’s an ultra trendy slub, or a buttery smooth tri-blend, all sizes and shapes are welcome and ABLE!

Nike Therma Fit

Nike. Perhaps you have heard of that brand before? It has been many years since SanMar took over this brand in our industry and the relationship could not be any better. Ever since that first polo hit our warehouse floor, customers have been asking us for items outside of the Golf line, such as t-shirts and performance fleece. Well, after much patience and finagling, things are starting to look promising. In addition to a variety pack of new 100% poly Therma-fit styles showing as new, over the summer, there has also been a quiet addition of Nike T-Shirts. I posted a brief mention on the industry Facebook group, Custom Apparel Startups, and you would have thought I had just shared “Free Gold to first 20 Likes”….users went ballistic.

Nike t-shirts

Now what does that even mean!? SanMar is based in the Seattle, Washington area and if there has ever been one category that we do extremely well, it’s outerwear. Saying that, the design team is never satisfied that they have every option and angle covered, so looking at ways to improve even fundamental basics, are often explored. Enter the Collective System.Collective System2

While the Florida native in me doesn’t know-nothing-bout-no outerwear, the Apparel Geek in me has learned a lot in the last eleven years. When I experience these styles, I see primo fabrics and details at incredibly affordable prices. Forget the cleverness of the interchangeable options for a minute and just know that these pieces represent modern takes on outerwear happening at top name retail brands RIGHT NOW! Sorry, I was a bit carried away. The thing to know is that you will be showing some amazing offerings that can also work together with the primary shell options(J900 & L900) to also act as a 3-in-1. In many ways, it’s as if this was David Blaine style magic….you know, that kind of spooky stuff that makes you question the very nature of our existence.Daivd Blaine

Collective System

There you have it! Three amazing concepts, representing a wide assortment of products that are all new, heading into the back half of this year. The book might say 2019, but there is still plenty of days left on the calendar to slay Sales Dragons. Go get em!dragon-3dragon-1


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