SGIA 2018 – Las Vegas

SGIA2018The 2018 SGIA Show was in Las Vegas this year, making its return from 2016. This show was my third one working and after last year’s Nawlins storm wash out, I was excited about a more jubilant event. I have come to learn that SGIA and ISS Long Beach seem to the be the main two decoration shows that companies like to debut new equipment and services for. I walked the aisles as much as I could for the three-day event and these are my main photo/comment takeaways.

Both Stahls and Kornit had touchscreen stations setup in conjunction with a company called YR. The concept presented an interesting take on even based shopping/ordering/customization. Essentially you can pre-determine apparel products along with logo designs. Customers can shop via the screen menu and take a ticket to come back for picking up their on-site made pieces. I like the interface and concept for streamlining a sometimes tough commerce exchange.

IMG_4641Equipment Zone had to take top honors for booth creativity. They might not have had the largest footprint, but converting a LEGIT Japanese fire truck into a all-encompassing showcase for their Epson DTG print process was pure genius. I have already seen the truck make a second appearance at the smaller NBM Charlotte show, so its mileage rack-up is far from over.




DTG machines continue to push further and further into the ideal medium, which will product amazing full color imagery on all substrates. This show had no shortage of interesting finds such as the debut of the Omniprint Cheetah, a new lower cost Ricoh/Anajet Ri 1000, and even a sweet package combining the dominant Kornit printer with a nicely compact Adelco dryer.


Stahls also had a spectacular debut of their new offering called Flex Style. This medium is bringing dimensional emblems into a much more mass marketing awareness and access. We have seen the rise in interest and certainly use among retail, so now having a quick and easy turn-to for this decoration method will be a win for everyone

In harmonious concert with this new process is the continued growth focus around lower heating platens. A process such as Flex Style will be greatly enhanced when using the lower heating platens, which now come in more size options.


Overall the show did feel like quite a nice leap forward with various new things making their debut. I have only increased my excitement about attending my second ISS Long Beach Show upcoming in January as I know their will be more to come then.

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