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Apparel Geek

FULL NAME: Montgomery West Mims
NICKNAME: Monty, Apparelgeek
FAMILY: Remarkable Wife and two ridiculous boys
EMPLOYER: SanMar since 2007
OCCUPATION:  Decorator Relations Team – East Coast


My background begins with being raised within my father’s embroidery company. He got his start in 1981, not long after I was born. I worked with him “off the books” for a few years, but returned from college(UFC-Orlando) in 2001 to gain more business experience. His peak of success was in the 90’s, so by this time, he was on the downhill slope. As with any mid-sized company, my 5 year run with him involved handling everything from Sales, Design, Web Store Creation, UPS, and more.

It was very early in 2007 that I was tipped off by our local SanMar rep that they were hiring for a position based in Jacksonville, FL. After a surprisingly calm interview at the ASI Orlando show, I was soon off to begin another new adventure. Within the span of a month I had to: 1) leave my family, friends, and now wife 2) sell my beloved Toyota Celica 3) find a place to live 4) move to a city I had never even visited.

Over 11 years later, I can honestly look back and say that this has been an unintended dream career. SanMar has an amazing company culture that is truly rooted in learning from our customers and helping them grow their business. As a rogue extension to that philosophy, I created the social media sharing persona of Apparelgeek. My customers have referred to me as such given my strong interest in all things apparel. My goal has been to bring all the cool and unique things that I get to see/learn about, back to those I am connected with.