100% Cotton Heathers

Soft, heathered, blended styles are all the rage right now with t-shirts. They look good, they have that non-solid vibe, and when done correctly, can feel amazing. At the top of this popular pile lies the King/Queen of them all…the Tri-Blend. Pioneered by brands such as Alternative for our industry, this concept can seemingly do … More 100% Cotton Heathers

Printed T-Shirt Collection – Where it all began…

Where it all began?….Well, that would have to be with my Father. The first t-shirt featured here is technically part of my collection now, but started with Poppa Mims and features an image of my mother. Now the exact year is still being researched by a renowned team of carbon-dating scientists, but I would guess … More Printed T-Shirt Collection – Where it all began…

Non-Iron Lifestyle

As I know it, the Non-Iron phenomenon started with Brooks Brothers. Since then, it has become a staple for most modern shirt makers. The Red House line was pioneered with an amazing assortment of Non-Iron shirts right out of the gate and has since grown its assortment of patterns and variations, like Slim Fit. During … More Non-Iron Lifestyle

Sticky Sticky Stickaz

First attempt at getting some Apparel Geek stickers. Now I know that I have friends in the industry that could easily make these, but I panicked and freaked a little bit….and ordered online. EEEK! Overall not a bad experience with stickermule.com but I am finding out that I needed to increase the Stroke or thickness … More Sticky Sticky Stickaz