Printed T-Shirt Collection – Music and T-Shirts are friends

My earliest recollection of owning music was an LP of Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. I can also vaguely recall tape classics like Kool Moe Dee, Humpty Dance and even Kid Rock…before he went mainstream. For most of my life music has been a major component to my world. I mean my last … More Printed T-Shirt Collection – Music and T-Shirts are friends

Printed T-Shirt Collection – Online Communities

Thanks to my cousin, I have always had a customized and home built PC computer. One of the advantages to that was high powered components and the ability to play the latest and greatest video games.(please note this occurred well before the modern Playstation/Xbox world we now live in) In my heyday I was connected … More Printed T-Shirt Collection – Online Communities

100% Cotton Heathers

Soft, heathered, blended styles are all the rage right now with t-shirts. They look good, they have that non-solid vibe, and when done correctly, can feel amazing. At the top of this popular pile lies the King/Queen of them all…the Tri-Blend. Pioneered by brands such as Alternative for our industry, this concept can seemingly do … More 100% Cotton Heathers